Learning to Create Interactive Media

Interaction is created by applying hyperlinks, image, audio or animation effects to objects, conditions or events. In Libreoffice Impress and other multimedia authoring programs this is handled by a player application which must be installed on the computer playing the presentation. Because of it is nearly universal availability in the business world, Libreoffice Impress has become the de facto free application for business presentations. It is not the most full featured authoring program, but it is the most popular.

Objects: Text, Images, Audio, Video
Action at mouse click: Go to previous slide, Go to next slide, Go to first slide, Go to last slide, Go to page or object, Go to document, Play sound, Run program, run macro, exit presentation.

OnClick events are handled by the Interaction Settings in Libreoffice Impress:
To Do: Select the object >> right click >> select Interaction

Be careful when applying interaction settings to text elements. Actions will be applied to either specific letters or the text container object - based on what is selected when you right click. Generally, you would use Interaction Settings on specific letters or words and not on an entire text container.

Create hyper linked objects on the Master Page to create persistent navigation.
To do: View >> Master >> Slide Master, create an object with a hyperlink action on Mouse click.
To close Master Layout: Click Close Master View at the above document

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